I am a creative person. This manifests itself in many ways: what I do, how I think, and how I see the world. I have played and worked in the arts all my adult life. This is where my passions and ambitions lie.

Music was a part of my childhood from birth. My family is full of singers. My mother is a piano teacher. I studied piano, cello, and baritone horn in school, and sang in school and church choirs.

By the age of eight I knew I wanted to become an actor. This ambition lead to my wanting to write and direct as well. At age 15 I performed in a play for the first time. It was one play or musical after another for the next 15 years. Educational and community theatre, as well as three years of summer stock experience was my life: acting, writing, directing, stage managing, set design and construction, and ticket sales.

After moving from northern Ohio to southern California, I found employment in ticketing, working at several arts organizations in the LA area. I sang with the West Coast Singers for five years, and with my church choir. I studied with Joshua Finkel at the Academy for New Musical Theatre for three years, performing in several showcases there, and later studied with Pat Whiteman for a couple of years. I even worked for Crystal Chappell’s Open Book Productions for five years as an assistant director on “Venice the Series”, “The Grove”, and “Beacon Hill”.

I am now focusing on my writing: a finished short film script waiting for development and production; a play in rewrites; a feature film script in rewrites; three fan fiction stories being written; and a finished treatment for a new tv series, for which I am writing the pilot…. and now this blog website.

Without creativity, my life is meaningless.