Beth Chamberlin: Beauty, Health, Fitness – Beth introduced me to the Kettlebell, a brilliant exercise tool. Beth’s KB workout dvd’s are the best workouts I’ve even experienced. I highly recommend this full body exercise strategy.

Dr Perricone MD – Dr Perricone is a dermatologist who has revolutionized the understanding of skin care and how food affects our body. His products are pricy but effective, and his books are highly technical reading, and yet, I have learned more about how the body works and how food affects the body from Dr Perricone’s books than from any other source. I especially recommend “Forever Young”. He suggests some wonderful “super foods”, as well as a full chapter debunking the use of neuro-toxins (nerve poisons!) like Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers, while offering far more natural treatments like Microcurrent. But the core of his research and recommendations focuses on nutrition.

Alissa Cohen: The Raw and Living Food Diet – Alissa’s Raw and Living Food book was the first raw food book I read. Loved it. A great introduction to this way of eating, with some wonderful recipes.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw – Then I read this book, which goes into even greater detail about the hows and whys of eating raw, while debunking myth, all in simple, easy to understand terms. Plus more great recipes. 🙂

Truth About Beauty: Transform Your Looks And Your Life From The Inside Out – Kat James has written a fascinating book that is perfect for us Sugar Addicts. She offers wonderful information about alternatives to sugar, “smart sweeteners”, as well as other great suggestions, from a personal approach.

Shakti Gawain’s Books – There books are really how it all started for me, nearly ten years ago. I had just moved to LA and was quite lost. Although I was unable to put much of her offerings into practice at the time, her wisdom has stayed with me to this day. I am starting to reread these beautiful books with a new sense of self and purpose.

Shakeology – I admit it. I’m not 100% raw. However, I focus on being 100% healthy in what I eat. I have found Shakeoloty to be a great supplement to my daily consumption of nutrients. I drink one serving (chocolate!) for breakfast, along with some fruit, and I’m good to go. It is especially great after a workout.